Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm going to post prices for your information.

Regular size cupcakes are $24.00 per dozen
Mini size cupcakes are $12.00 per dozen

If you order more than 10 dozen there will be a discount of 10%
If you've already read my blog, you saw that we were in remodel stage for a cupcake shop. After many hours of planning and preparing, and after much counsel and advice we have decided to wait for a bit on the cupcake shop. We will still be catering for all your parties and events!!! So if you have a need............or a want........just give us a call or send us an email and we'll get some pattycakes ready for you!!! Thanks for your support and don't forget to eatpattycakes!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Introducing "pattycakes"!!! After making cupcakes for my sons' wedding reception "pattycakes" was born. The cupcakes were such a hit that, with much encouragment, I have decided to share "pattycakes" with you. I am available for weddings, birthday parties, meetings or whatever you'd like. I have many flavors that you can find here on the blog. Or as a special request we can even develope a special flavor just for you.

By way of information, there will be a "pattycakes" store coming soon. Check back for the announcement of when and where. We are currently in the remodel stage. We also have available for your events cookie pops and many other unusual sweet treats that will make your party or event one to remember.

If you are a chocolate lover, here's a chocolate cupcake for you. I call this cupcake Chocolate Chocolate Kiss. I have secretly incorporated chocolate kisses into the frosting and the cake. Don't confuse this with just a chocolate cupcake, this is no ordinary chocolate cupcake. Another "pattycakes" exclusive.

This cupcake has been a top favorite by all "pattycake" tasters. This is the infamous Key Lime Cupcake. It is a lime based cake drizzled with sweetened lime juice for just the right sweet and sour combination. Top that with lime cream cheese frosting and you have a winner!!! Try this one and it will become your favorite too!!

This is Just Plain Vanilla. Need I say anymore? Sometimes vanilla is just right and this little cupcake is just right. It is a yummy vanilla cupcake with that rich creamy cream cheese frosting. Not too rich........it is just right.

Add this cupcake to your list of favorites. A succulent coconut cupcake. Frosted with rich and creamy cream cheese frosting and just in case there's not enough coconut in the cake, we've added some moist coconut to the top to finish it off. Another exclusive "pattycakes" recipe.

The next best thing to lemon meringue pie...........is a lemon meringue cupcake. A lemon cupcake with tart lemon curd filling and topped with a cloud of meringue. Oh, and you can add a candle and make it a celebration!!

This cupcake is called Banana Split. It is moist banana cake with chocolate chips baked in the batter. Topping this little gem is marshmallow frosting and a cherry on top. Isn't everything better with a cherry on top?

If you like egg nog......you will love this egg nog cupcake. The cake itself is egg nog flavor and is frosted with the richest, creamiest rum frosting. This is an exclusive "pattycakes" flavor. Rich and yummy!!